The 2021 Oscars' Best Original Song Nominees


Get to this year's oscar nominated songs in a minute but before we weigh in on those songs and their chances. Stephen can you talk a little bit about the common themes we've seen from some of the oscar winners and nominees of the last few years. Well each year this category has been a different kind of mixed bag. Depending on what sort of movies are coming out. In a given year you often have a song or more from disney musical. You often have a song from a big blockbusters like all stars from black panther from a couple years ago. Big songs from big movies often wind up making their way into these nominations. And then they'll be mixed in with. Sometimes it's a song you've never heard of by an artist you've never heard of from a movie you've never heard of so. It really is a very very mixed bag from year to year with some recurring themes diane. Warren is very often nominated as a songwriter very often. Especially in recent years. You have a lot of songs that i call for lack of a better term. Glory corn so named for the song. Glory by common and john legend from movie. Selma a few years ago songs that play over the closing credits of movies about social justice all of which have titles that kind of together to form this. I will rise and fight and raise my voice to stand for you and so this year is a little bit of an unusual year for a bunch of obvious reasons. Many of them related to the pandemic. You didn't have a big disney musical so you didn't have a let it go into the unknown big disney banger. And you didn't have a lot of blockbusters you didn't have for example. No time to die. The james bond movie which had a theme song by billie eilish which came out which was pretty well received. And i think would have been a shoe in at least to be nominated and probably win. Had the movie actually come out and thus been eligible so that has kind of opened this year's field to what has turned out to be a whole lot of glory.

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