A highlight from New Music Friday: The Top 6 Albums Out On April 23


Called small infinity. This cut we're hearing from. It is called ugly vibes julie. He's an artist championing for a while. Who doesn't sound like what i think. A lot of people would expect from nashville singer. That is very true. You're are very right about that. And even in that song. Ugly vibes. I mean he is consciously artfully deliberately playing with different personas. That comes through even more when you watch the music video. That goes with that song. But i had heard a mix tape that he released in two thousand. Eighteen called pink and here was a sort of hip hop adjacent r. and b. singer songwriter. Who was starting to bring into. Focus a young black queer southern suburban vantage point. But i think it's so interesting that he was reaching out to producers and beat makers that he knew and liked in nashville and beyond and getting some basic bones of tracks to work with and then he went back to his childhood bedroom and shaped a suite of songs that reflect on restlessness and the rejection that he experienced based on his identity growing up in the southern suburbs as a young black queer man in kid teenager and also at the same time attentive to his own youthful vulnerability and pain talk about containing multitudes. This whole record is just so rich and colorful. I kept thinking. It's like the sonic equivalent of watching time lapse videos of flowers bursting into bloom over and over again. Oh yeah that's a. That's a great metaphor. i also thought of since. Small infinity is a little bit scienc- sounding i also thought of prism. The multiple sides and faces of a prison that all reflect light. You know yeah. The record from houston. Kendrick is called small

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