A highlight from Ep. 295: Happy Earth Day + Interview (Replay) with Michelle Wong of Lab Muffin

Fat Mascara


June to tell you about their new at home. Manicure system. listen. I am not good at doing my own nails. I used to go to the slot. But then you spend all that money and then maybe a chips the next day. You're like why did i spend all that money with alvin. Goons danny system. That is not gonna happen. Each manicure comes out to just about two dollars for a manicure. And they look so good to dollar manny. Now you have my attention jen. No listen to be serious. I'm trying to get my little self care moments. Where i can and if i can sit down and do a manicure myself at is the ultimate meantime moment. I usually like to pair it with like you know like a great. Tv show go thirty minutes to myself. Honestly with the olive and june manicure. I can get done in less than thirty because they also have this amazing little like patented brush. Handle called the poppy. What is the poppy get. It's this patented brush handle and you put it on top of the cap. It allows you to paint your nails with both of your hands very easily. So i can do my right hand my right. Yeah

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