A highlight from 706: Supergirl S6E02 Review: 'A Few Good Women'



And today. We're discussing season six episode to a few good women. And why don't you just launch into it david supergirl wakes and his tormented by phantoms. But is saved by her dad. It's a small phantom zone. After all her dad has given up hope but she talks him into helping her escape. They see phantoms. Go through a portal and plan to get themselves their own phantom. The super friends tried to break into the phantom zone with the help of the friendly alien. Vampires silas dreamer feels. She's failing at interpreting her dream visions but bruni only offers her pep talk. John pushes way too. Hard and alex is way too optimistic. But after leading some phantoms loose briefly they reset their expectations. The case against lex is a single proclamation from eve but apparently lex destroys this by saying as a rejected bidder woman. Lena didn't want to get involved rejecting. Andreas manipulative interview request. But she tries to save the case against lex lena. Beautifully manipulated flex into a corner nearly admitting his guilt but the jury still finds him. Not guilty lex comes to the conclusion that he really is that great. Everyone is really unhappy about lex. But at least leinen andrea reconcile. Oh and silas seemed to have a bit phantom possibly allowing the phantoms portal to earth. I'm rather surprised but then again. Not all that surprised that they dealt with the trial in one episode. I really was expecting him to be languishing for a little while longer. But i guess they had a point they wanted to make or they just didn't want to let him be off stage for that long so he's front and center again and likely will be for at least the rest of the midseason. Well we're not really doing midseason sorry. How are we doing all twenty episodes in a row who knows these days who knows. We'll see what the production release order actually looks like indeed. This is probably the most truncated shortened trial. I have ever seen on tv. I was quite amazed by the speed of which they tried to run through this trial. It was wild. They could have done an entire episode straw but no it is kind of the c. Plot yes some impressively breathtakingly brief at believe all of eve's testimony and presumably. Well there was just the counter argument. There wasn't any counter testimony. All of eve's testimony appeared to be done in one day. Some trial of the century. This is if not one line you pretty much. There's an implication that she had been talking for a while before they cut to her. I certainly hope so. And then Lena's testimony was also. Well she certainly wore the same outfit for all of it. I would assume it was done in an afternoon. Maybe even in an hour right lex really does say basically. These women are just crazy. I'm me and if you have power you have to have the guts to use it to save people hits it. Sounds very very power trippy but the jury apparently loves a good confident. Powerful man who is not afraid to say that women are leeches and he is great and everyone should just bow downtown. Because that's basically what he says. I loved lena smirk. Because yes you're right. She absolutely manipulated him into exposing himself in all his medical maniac intensity and yet i was expecting licks to maybe have bribed some of the jury but you saw the jury panels in technology boxes.

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