Python Apps That Scale to Billions of Users


Julian welcome to talk by enemy. Thank you it's great to have you here. We've got a bunch of fun stuff to talk about. It's really interesting to think about how we go about building software at scale and one of the things it just under a how you feel about reading your book. I feel like you must have some opinions on this. But when i go to a website that is clearly not a small little companies. It's obviously a large company with money to put behind professional developers and stuff in you click on it and it takes four seconds for every page load. It's just like how is it possible that you're building the software with so much. This is the face of your business is sometimes they decide to fix it with front frameworks. So then you get like a quick splash of like a box with owi and then it says loading for four seconds which to me feels no better. So i don't know. I i feel like building scalable. Software is really important. It's still people are getting it quite wrong quite often. I'm in it's all it's all also. There's a lot of things to do when you do that. Which lie right kober call for sure that also going to be able to mature everything like win there. Somewhere the be It's not easy bar like writing code and facing berg's is dominant. We all know to do that. But then if we are asking us up to one of the things that i as an example with profiling. While if i were to ask you more like i want you to tell me which parts your code is using some of the view. You're gone gaz. Uganda probably do a good gas. Most of the time but for real you don't know you have no clue until you actually look at. The data was profile or any two for being that will give you information.

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