Why James Charles Has Been Demonetized by YouTube


There's just one topic i wanna talk about. Its james charles. Spill it all over me girl. It all started in twenty nineteen win. james charles. Who is a makeup grew youtuber. He's been doing for years before that between nineteen A pretty big scandal for him. He partnered with sugar bear hair who is a competitor of one of his best friends. Taty westbrook vitamin company. Halo beauty and taty and james were really close like best friends and he went kind of against sir. 'cause he said i don't want to promote these types of vitamins to my teenage followers but went ahead and did sugar bear hair and taty got very upset about it. She came out with the video and she ended up bringing up. Something that happened at coachella. That james was making sexual advances to a instagram. Model named gauge gomez. Who is straight. He's commands that i'm straight. I have no interest in. James james is gave by the way. Let me just put that out there. Yeah just we can have some context for the story and gauge gomez said. He didn't want anything to do with the Pressure into sexual situations that he was very uncomfortable with which has brought me to what i want to bring up today. It started in february of this year. Twenty twenty one and a sixteen year old boy came out and claim that james groomed him and pressured him into exchanging of sexual photos over snapchat. James spoke out and said that he know that the boy was only sixteen. He said that he thought the boy was eighteen or over. I don't know how old but he said he was not aware that the kid was under age later that same month february three war males came forward about the same exact thing games was asking them for pictures. China exchange flirting text messages. And stuff like that. And of course james once again. I do not know that they were. You not know that all. Okay

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