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Republicans controlling redistricting in a year. That typically is an incumbent at a time. you're probably going to have a discontent discord within the democratic party. Because biden's by the way did you know who is mad at joe biden today. Black lives matter is mad at joe biden. Guess oh come on. You know the interesting thing about the about it. Biden is giving more military type equipment to police departments than donald trump. Did yes yes i know. Can you believe it. They're all the the militarization of the police Is barack obama was so upset about the militarization of the police and joe biden is giving more accessibility equipment and surplus equipment to police. Then barack obama did and is giving more than donald trump ever did that's staggering and black lives. Matters says colon him out called him out you know. So here's the funny thing let. Let's can we be really honest here for. I don't know that some people can be honest about this. Donald trump was really good for black families in this country. Black unemployment rate all time high under donald trump until the virus hispanic unemployment rate all time high until the virus female unemployment rate or female. I'm sorry female employee right. All-time high hispanic on his sheep. Unemployment employment rate the unemployment rate was the lowest female unemployment the lowest in history black unemployment lowest history hispanic unemployment lowest in history for donald trump. Was president donald trump the man who signed The the first step act undoing of joe biden's laws and policies that he helped write in congress for crime. Donald trump leading young black men at a prison and providing economy where they could get a job. That's why they had nothing to do with the new york times excuse of all it was the toxic masculinity donald trump did really well for black families and he didn't militarize police departments like joe biden's doing yeah There's a problem for the democrats there. I mean there really is a real problem for the democrats at this point with all of this that they're they're headed in that direction with joe biden and the black lives matters. Call him out. This is going to be fun to watch over. The next year really is because there are problems with jubilo. Let's not pretend they're art problems with the republican party but the democrats have all sorts of problems that are festering under the surface. And they're not going to improve anytime soon and the media is going to them until they can't hello there it is. You're here in here. My god i just okay. I i gotta i gotta say something. Pull back the curtain a little bit. So when i'm in my home studio. I do the video live stream and and i do it all mice. I pushed the buttons and everything. It's just me in the studio. So i got to control the camera and all that stuff and i wear an earpiece and that earpiece is like an isv for depending on what. I'm where you can kind of. See it on the camera to my head position but i actually have the cans on my head today. My big expensive headphones. Wow my voice can go. Deep in the micro viking here just it's very weird all of a sudden boom on the microphone. Not that you care. But i do. During a year of pandemic scott with lock says newsbusters has seen in a lot of touch. Journalists pushing the upside of covid as the biden ministries. Today wants to cut off

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