A highlight from Culture Part II


Day to be doing this very bambi. Big old yawn. Okay you feel it. I just haven't had enough caffeine trying to wean myself off. We re occurring the actually three. Oh curry isn't it. Feel like we talked about about every week. Recurring my caffeine addiction. That's pretty bad this past week. There was one day where i had a nice cup of coffee. Like a medium latte from douglas. The fancy kathy. Yeah good stuff. And i had a bang which is three hundred grams. And then i have it also candidate pepper. Which i don't really drink pop a lot. So that was kinda weird who caffeine. So you overloaded he did. I'm trying to step back a little bit a found these monster teas so it's just like t- There's not that much there's like four five five milligrams of sugar. I think are five grams of sugar. What you now. As opposed to the forty-seven there are red. Bullard normal monster isn't too bad but there's only eighty milligrams of caffeine. So i'll probably have to another one today. Had one right but still. I think we're stepping backwards on the the caffeine. We're gonna call it progress. Give me a couple more days and then we can call it. It's an starts. Yep we're back at it back at it again. This is a little earlier in the day than we're normally used to doing this program. Yeah so if you sense something different is. You're probably creatures of habit it. You're probably listening to this broadcast a very specific time very specific situation. So if you noticed something different about us it could be the fact either. Better worse right right. Yeah it's better. let us know and we'll try to do this earlier in the day. But if it's worse we'll have to go back to our regular timeslot shooting quite awake yet. Yeah you'll get there. You'll yeah you look like a million bucks beanie and my cut my pants. I'm living my best life on saturdays. Weekends are good for that. I don't remember who. I was talking to on the podcast. Maybe it was now. It wasn't. I just feel like we should get like one sweatpants day a like a month. Maybe just to show students that like we dress up. It's an illusion right. I can share my students. Students do sweatpants days. That's more than once a month like that. When i come to school i'll professional looking every that's not me. I'm not living my life right there. I need to be wearing my pin in my stocking cap. And you're gonna have to win me over. I think professionalism mean sending year right. But i could see two degree where you're coming from also like when i go to the grocery store on a saturday i'm right. I'm wearing my sweatpants. The kids are like that kind of that. Capital looks like van. I think you don't even recognize so you had a good week. Yeah it's been feel like we're just all switch to survival mode kicked on. It's that time of year. This is this is the real deal for me. Personally i know it is for you been cut in the heart of it for a while with one axiom with that morning practices afternoon practices night practices. It's kind of a steady diet of inconsistency for you. Yeah it's tough man. Struggle is real. It is Good thanksgiving hall. I know wardlow break. I love the turkey day. One of my favorite holidays. Yeah yeah i just don't mind it just like the mood you know just about fellowship and that's cool. There's not the stress of gifts or anything like that. The only thing that brings stress on thanksgiving has everything to do with christmas. Yeah think about that grooming around. It's like christmas lights. You're right and christmas shopping. That's just right after halloween. You just kicked into christmas mode. You take a little break for thanksgiving and then you just get right back in the christmas and then by the time. Thanksgiving's over you're good to go. You might be onto something there because right now. There's so many people so negative about people that decorate league stuff before christmas. But i think if you're being real fair about it these people are onto something right. They take the stress other thanksgiving holiday by doing their christmas stuff on the front end right already. Have my tree up. I don't. like three feet tall because i don't have a lot of space in my little house but i'm in the i. There's a lot of people hate on you. I know i've tried.

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