A highlight from African Basketball Footwork

Over the Shoulder


We hope to see you soon pasia. He's but he's tom say. I'm getting ready the destination and i'm almost there. You see somebody on a story. We just like a desert in the backyard. That's all we need lacking that were to do nothing to do it. Like if i'm gonna come up with a african saying. I'm i'm sure it wouldn't be but don't come up with one roof as we put yours. Come with africa's samuel fans african. Let's revisit this at the end of the show. I i'm gonna come up one but we'll get some leeway give that might need a new station at it is a show we did add all some are could could give you the one that i said that nearly caused a woman to five million college. Okay okay laura joyce get set up all right so lewis yours so These girls were beef with me and my friends. I don't even remember. Why right. And i said all bark and no bite makes for a small chihuahua and made them even more mesh smack. Shit out he didn't she. I never got smacked by touch me as they say in my community hit dogs someone feels i dunno vulnerable. I wasn't director this way if we was walking down the street right and there was a pack of dogs in the middle of the street. Threw a rock. The dollar get hit is the one that's go holiday right so you hit a nerve. That's what i was trying to say his problematic as like you said if you walk by a group of girls say who wanna get fucked and asked the girl to turn around and say. She's a teacher said. This is my at least start about this show. Yes a teacher said estimate yes and administrator and straight ahead but anyway Let us be conscious of our surroundings. Speaking of african proverbs. You're saying jayco hooping of africa. A exact what happened. Because you know. I didn't see it out. Necessarily have the info i just know j cole has been practicing and practicing for some years now like even has done open with nba players and as as actually all right like you see him. Make a basket. I think there was a a meme. They got posted that but it was him dunking and he liked jumped. So high that he liked tomahawk cockpit back both hands bang and then fell whiny arrested s afterwards but face fire you got some athleticism you know like the clips have been coming out over the past year. Can you shoot from deep. You know what i mean and then the dog laid min- documentaries like all one big basketball analogy and so are mix tapes. I think it's a fantastic. Just overall rollout right right now jake holders greater just staying off the face of the earth unless he's until he's ready to present a body of work or or say something or make some sort of statement But throughout the year he's been pretty strategic in picking his spots he started doing a little bit more Features and whatnot leading up to this album released like on. Twenty-one savages a lot.

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