‘The Underground Railroad’: Barry Jenkins’ Journey Into American Darkness



Was certainly excited. To see the underground railroad josh least be couple episodes. I was able to fit in this week for this discussion. Because as you know. We're both big barry jenkins fans on the show. Moonlight was in my top five year. It came out of beale street. Could talk was my number one film of its year twenty eighteen but i have to confess i was also reading it a bit just based on the title just based on what i suspected the subject matter would be. There's that element of brutality. That i imagine would be part of this show but i was less worried about that and really more focused on the toil of watching people emotionally suffer and suffering along with them. And that's certainly something we've come to expect from berry jenkins work and then you said something last week on the show josh. I think you'd already caught up with an episode or two. The gave me hope. You said it's not really what you think. It will be or something to that effect and i thought okay. Maybe i'm in for a big surprise here and maybe it will be a relatively pleasurable watch. And then when. I admitted to you today in our slack that i was going to have to binge these two episodes just prior to recording. You said binging may be harmful to mental health. And i knew that. I was in for an experience.

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