Is This Finally Joel Embiids Moment?

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Goodyear knows when the season starts heating up so to the possibilities. Play off. Hopefuls are beginning to emerge and contenders are solidifying their position from here on out every game as a chance to create momentum to make the right past the right move to hit the perfect shot it takes momentum to build up to the moment but it takes everything to capture it. Goodyear more driven ramona shelburne. Thank you for coming back on. Espn daily anytime baba. So we had you on the show in january to talk about joel embiid and it was a promising very different time along. This weird roller coaster. That is this guy's life. He was looking fantastic the early part of the nba season. But now you've written this cover story ramona in which you've got a lot of access to joel himself and you've got access to interior life. I wanna talk about that because there's a lot about this roller coaster that i did not fully appreciate until i read your reporting so let's set the scene here for where we left off. After we talked in january. This is before the knee injury in mid-march what kind of season was joel. Embiid having having greatest seasons for center in nba history. No center has averaged thirty points. A game since moses malone no-center has won. mvp sense kilo. neil and joel embiid is dominating at both ends of the court and beat galloping. Joel embiid for the thai. Be put up on the plane can be by is

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