Beware Facebook Messenger Scams


There's been an ongoing series of scams. Where people's facebook identities are taken over by a hoodlum who then having read all the stuff in. Somebody's facebook will then start sending messages to people with enough familiarity that they think they're dealing with somebody who really is that person and affinity fraud comes and bites some hard. You know. affinity fraud is is when you're much more likely to be scammed by a friend or family member and you are a stranger so the strangers impersonate friend or family member and come and rip you off. There was a very well researched story. Recently in the los angeles times that was written by the great david laskaris their consumer reporter extraordinaire about how this is become a big thing with facebook. That makes it really way too easy for people to hack into people's facebook accounts and then send these. Fake appeals is if they are that individual and there's an ugly one. It's been running around for a while involving lions club. Lions club is a is a community service organization and people are getting these fake messages. They're real messages but not from their actual friend on facebook telling them about these grants that are available through what they're pretending is lions club. And there's all these warnings out there now to know that those lions club grants don't actually exist. People are mad at lions club. They got ripped off. They had nothing to do with

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