A highlight from #467: How to Read + Interpret Running Data


Welcome to another mother runner. This is sarah bowen shea. I am joined once again by liz. Water straw hollow liz. Sarah how are you. i'm doing. Well how are you today. I'm good i'm good. I am still chuckling over our conversation the other day. I knew you're going to go there. I gave you a few options. And i said she's going to go down. The path is particularly because okay so the back story is is that you do some ads for us in your fantastic at them. Thank you and so then. You and you are always very thoughtful about being on the lookout for topics and advertisers and spin offs. And everything. so you you. Your mind is always humming for us. And so you sent me a link to a brand that makes a I'm not sure they make days themselves but they make like day seat. Add on's right. Yeah and then like kind of the squatty potty type thing. i realized. that's the trademark. They don't make that actual one but Edit their imagery is really pretty funny on the website. So i four four to the agency that sells most of our ads. And she's like okay. We'll tell us why. I should approach them. I that i hit the ball back in your court and you you remarked it out shirt in more ways than one so say what the. Your one liner to me was well. I know i can't. But i think i said something like haven't we all gone on her run and pooped in the woods and then come back and walked into our house in our the family. Just it's trying to get all over you and you're like get away from me. Nobody touched me. Don't come within five feet of me. Unlike a hazmat situation. And i'm just thinking wouldn a day just kind of make the transition back home a little bit better or easier or buy you some time before you have to take a shower. I don't know i don't have of the day. This is why. I want one and and they put this on the facebook group a few weeks ago. My mother-in-law came to my house a few weeks ago and she says to me she goes. You have got to come over and try our new day. You know is not often at your mother-in-law reaches out to you like that. It was also so bizarre. I'm like what am i say do i do. You wanna come over and try. someone's tae. isn't that awkward. I'm here to try to day because because you can't really schedule it could okay. I'll show up at your house at six. Fifteen am think i will use your day but it can't be sure but also you know you can't very well say oh shop at twelve thirty because you could just sit there and there won't be any it could be a way twelve thirty but i i think it's a product that would really connect with our audience and get some good use. Yeah well so molly got one of those add ons seats and i have not tried it because that very reason of do you schedule your visit to use your friends day. Is this molly your best friend. Yes it is. Yeah mall. Yes i feel like you could use that and it would. It wouldn't be awkward at all. Yeah there's bad but but again do i say okay. Well we're going to run it seven so all show up at six forty five you know just i mean god bless you if you can do that before you run to me. It's it's not that predictable. Wow i who pre-run probably ninety five percent of the time that's incredible. Thank you thank you. i'm gonna leave it there. I'm not sure. I'm not sure everyone's ready for this conversation. See this could be another spin off. Am our grocery shops. Am our talks dirty opulence. Babbel's oh my gosh say that. I thought if you last evening when our shopping at trader joe's and i was going to start andrei. He i think he was on break. Because i saw the man that the tony soprano s guy who you know. Maybe i'll have a crush on I'm debating and saw him in the parking lot.

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