Terry Carnation Has Money Problems


Now as an award winning broadcaster awards available upon request. I've had many years of impressive wealth. Perhaps my income has not matched say bill gates but it certainly has exceeded a bill mcgillicuddy. Then again i've also had times of relative destitution. By which i mean some relative came out of the woodwork led me dry and made me destitute. Probably uncle or cousin you know who you are. But whether swimming gold allah scrooge mcduck or stealing nicholas from little old ladies. I maintain the same calm with the knowledge that financially speaking it will all work out but unfortunately my therapist. Dr kasdan doesn't seem to share my last fair attitude. Have you make me feel. How does it make me feel to be flat. Ass broke dr kevin to not be able to treat myself to the simple delights in life. Like a fro- gert or an occasional crystal bauble. A new kitchen sponge a weekend full body korean scrub doctor. Sholls in seoul's oh it makes me feel absolutely fantastic. Well terry i take it from your tone of voice that you're being sarcastic and i would remind you that sarcasm is just an oft used defense mechanism. Oh he's off cues. Yeah is it often used. Do we often use it. In elizabethan england shirt. I say autumn off using sarcasm. Are you off to using milady. Yes it's off used because maybe works. You ever think about that. Terry awful terry right now. Tell me what would change your financial situation. What do you think what do i. I think you should be giving me answer time paying you. Oh yeah there's an idea on how to change my financial situation. I should stop paying you a fortune to make me do all the work. How does that sound honestly. It wouldn't affect me much. I'm a court appointed therapist. terry. I'm paid for by the state. Your copay is five dollars a

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