A highlight from CDL Moves and Rumors, Discord Coming to PS5?

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Hey folks, happy May the force, I'm Kevin Correia. And this is your Esports minute. Breaking trade news on the day, coming out of the Call of Duty league. As a Dallas Empire, have transferred hooked to La thieves in a mutually. Agreed deal will look to have hookah and they're starting lineup in time for stage 3 games, this weekend, who previously, benched by Dallas in a highly criticized move by the team as they cited playing below their potential, despite the SMG player leading. The squad with a 105, KDA best on the team Off, the Bench, tjhaly to make room for the new edition. Meanwhile, the championship Dallas Squad, now down to three alumni has claimed, she moved on to the New York sub liners, thanks to shrinking rosters and now who has been transferred to La wage sticking to the CDL today as according to sources familiar with the situation optic gaming, CEO. Hex is looking to completely acquire the optic, Chicago team and divest is ownership in NRG parent Club app. Of optic hex of course started off to all the way back in 2006 and was at its head up until it's failed to a morals gaming Club in 2019, at which point he left and joined Andy Miller as co-ceo of em East Works in November of 2020, heck successfully reacquired. The optic brand Under the NRG umbrella, which coincided with the last episode of the NRG Duo podcast hosted by both seals, Miller and hex be posted speculation abounds. And for now, further reports continue to elude the heck's taking the optic gaming brand solely under his name. Once again, lastly, while disc or did not get sold to any of the rumored fires in Microsoft and Amazon, a new deal has been announced Sony. Interactive entertainment announced today, a partnership between them and Discord in a deal, which will hopefully bring the gaming communication app integration into the PlayStation Network. Sony made a minority investment in Discord part of their funding rounds earlier last year, which likely led to talks an integration. The announcement did establish an expectation for said integration which could come as early age. 2022. I'm Kevin Correia, that's my time and that has been your Esports minute. Follow us on Twitter at a sports network inaccurate 24, and be sure to visit Esports network.com for more stories written by our staff will update you again tomorrow on Wednesday.

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