A highlight from Q&A 428: Sex Before Exercise, Heavy Vs. Light Water, Jack Kruse's Leptin & Vitamin D Protocols, How To Lower Blood Glucose, Exercising With A Pacemaker & Much More!


The great. Dr j. t. wiles could not join us and so it is just a yours truly however i will since this is a live clubhouse recording be bringing folks to the stage for qna after we get through. Today's news flashes. And so if you have a question in mind and you're here live than you can. Of course prepare said questions that you sent hyper intelligent. So that when i bring you up onto the platform or the stage the throne or whatever they call it and clubhouse these days you can wax poetic in addition to that if you're if you're listening to this podcast when it gets released on spotify or samsung wherever fine. Podcasts or unsigned podcasts. Like this are found and you ever want to join on a clubhouse and Then a what are you waiting for. Join in if you subscribe to a newsletter or con tune into me on instagram will always send a not f- about when these live recordings occur although it's usually wednesdays at ten thirty am and if you're not part of clubhouse because from what i understand clubhouses still closed an invite only Usa ha ha nina. Get to and ask a question. However you can still go to. Ben greenville dot com and leave your question be audio there for future show and we can always roll with one of those Typically this is the part of the show where myself and my sidekick engage in witty banter about what we've been up to lately. However i really don't have him to witty banter with so let me fill you in on on a couple of things a i. I've gotten stitches for the first time in my life. I nearly cut my thumb off. And you're going to laugh about how i did this. I have a plan. I am working on an article for all of you about healthy ice creams how the taste. What the what the basis or use like coconut or avocado or banana or rice. Protein flower sprinkled with the unicorn tears or anything else of the kind and as a result. I've had to do some really painful in this case literally Research on ice cream. So i'm trying these ice cream flavors and analyze ingredients and getting ready to make this amazing article for you and one particular brand of ice cream. I won't name them and throw them under the bus today. Show us a banana. Base turns out. Banana takes a hell of a long time to thaw out. When used as a base for ice cream they sent me all sorts of wonderful flavors like strawberry and peanut butter and mint chocolate chip and chocolate. And i took it out about twenty minutes before dinner to thaw by. The time i finished dinner had still not thought and yeah. I know the hot spoon trick for ice cream. Where heat up a spoon and you dip it in there and get your ice cream that way. But in this case. I chose to use one of my super sharp recently sharpened cut co knives to try to carve the ice cream out of the container and The the knife slipped and really just like chopped through the tendons in my thumb thumb. i had just finished taking a survival and first aid course. And so all of this was fresh in my mind i elevated the wound above my heart kinda gave myself little hand tourniquet and got dressed and went up in the hospital getting stitches and i I've been throwing everything in the kitchen. Sink at this thing to get it to hill. Colloidal silver and pm f. and nerve healing frequencies from my bio charger and all manner of little bile hack. So i'm curious to see what the doc says when i go tomorrow night to have the stitches removed either a. He's going to say that. My thumb is a frankenstein esque monster from a little bil- hats that i've been throwing at it and And it's never going to be the same for the rest of my life or be. He's going to say that he'll quite nicely. And i'm keeping my fingers crossed except for my thumb which i'm not crossing to find out what goes on with that and then the other thing i want to let you guys know if any are interested in it I've gotten very into a home defense into protection into self defense and You might even call me a little bit of a proper at this point in my life if you look at all the the gold. The crypto currency the stuff buried in my backyard and my safe the little bank accounts. I have over in singapore. I've just. I'm kind of trying to be smart just with life in general as far as the preparation. I wouldn't sam a proper. I don't think the world's going to hell in a handbasket. But i think it is good to be prepared for any curve balls. That life may throw at you some. You may be familiar with a navy. Seal or former navy seal named tim kennedy and i took his sheepdog course since the last episode and it was fantastic. My wife and i both took it They they taught everything from situation. Situational awareness like. I personally can't walk through a parking lot anymore now since having taken the course without seeing the eighteen different threats that are in the parking lot and what everyone's doing in their cars or out of their cars and where potential threats entrances exits are etc We did About eight hours of jitsu over two days but it was ju jitsu with things like knifes and guns and learning how to strip weapons out of people's hands when you've got him in a chokehold on the floor completely nonviolent of course use your imagination And then we also did a ton of shooting. Close quarter shooting primarily using a glock soon and Gosh fired off. Probably about three hundred rounds are so Each day over the course of a couple of days probably got lead poisoning. I'm not joking. I actually when you do that much shooting. You wanna pay attention to your heavy metals afterwards. So i've been doing some sauna and i'm probably the only person that took the course and finish it up in the next day. Did a coffee enema to get rid of all the lead in my system. But i did and so anyways it was called the sheepdog course really cool and i. I now know how to handle a firearm at close quarters choke someone out in strip a knife off of someone who's trying to stab me so cut you know those skills. I hope. never come in handy. But it's it's good to know either way and So so i'm still practicing with the glock and also much to the chagrin of anyone who is uncomfortable with the second amendment or with ownership of guns. I also have a a quite handy colt carbine Some autumn attic self-defense. Rifle that'll be jumping into next for my defense training. Plus this is kinda like shooting. A bow stuff is just a little bit meditative to to learn to use and site and handle. And i think it's good to be able to responsibly. Use a weapon. Even if it's just for hunting not self defense. But i do think that most of the issues that we see these days are more an issue with the With people and morality and an anger issues and in loneliness and other issues that go above and beyond a tools that one can implement such as a gun. I have no issues with guns. Have issues with people who shouldn't have guns having guns and using the me responsibly. So that being said hopefully it doesn't get me cancelled off of facebook or wherever this podcast shows up Anyways though after talking about violence and chopping thumbs off an ice cream. Let's talk about sex baby. shall

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