A Civil Rights History Lesson

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Today we have a very special guest joining us from brooklyn. New york is gene. Theo harris distinguished professor of political science at brooklyn college a historian and author of the rebellious life of mrs rosa parks. She's co editor of the new book. Julian bonds time to teach the history of the southern civil rights movement gene. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me so today. We're going to honor one of the leaders of the civil rights movement and i. I actually met julian bond. I just can't remember where it's going to say that you probably did. I did meet him. And now i'm like you know i think it was before we had cameras in our phones. I mean bond is just a hero and a giant in the civil rights movement. He was an incredible human bean with. I mean his humanity just should out. He was an activist. He was an an educator he did. Pass away in two thousand fifteen. He was a founding member of the student. Nonviolent coordinating committee snake He had a political career. He served in the georgia house of representatives. He had to fight for his seat because of his opposition to the vietnam war and he was the first african american to be nominated as vice president though he withdrew his name and julian bond was an outspoken activist who fought his entire life whether it was civil rights to beaten way out of other people on the question of lgbtq rights all the way to protesting to shut down the keystone pipeline. Let's listen to julian bond in his own words to start off this show. This is from two thousand and two interview that julian did with phyllis leffler of the explorations in black leadership project at the university of virginia. Everything my parents. I told me about responsibility to others everything. I've learned that. The george school about speaking truth to power everything i learned about daring to stand up to powerful people and say no to them. Whatever the consequences. All of that came together when lonnie king came up to me and asked me if i would join this Movement

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