A highlight from Friday 30 April


Joe biden made some big promises when he sees the presidency of the us in january and for many he's delivered most notably on the pandemic front where he promised to provide one hundred million vaccine jabs by his hundredth day in office today. If you're counting. Then he achieved it by day. Fifty eight we look back on the democrats first hundred days in office a great success or is it the case that anything that came off to donald trump would look rather good comparison here in the uk. The vaccine supplies set to ramp up with invitations extended to the over thirty s. Within the next four we hear so is the speed vaccination previous soft power win or hard questions about westminster sleaze in the slashing of foreign aid spending undermining the uk's image abroad last up we hear from are generally flabbergasted. New york correspondent henry sheridan this week. He's more confused than usual. This time about rules governing need to eat with food and alcoholic beverage. We'll get to the bottom veterinary henry monaco's panel of distinguished guests. Discuss these topics. Right here on this evening's late edition. Hello

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