A highlight from Thursday 29 April


Us president joe biden delivers his first dress to a joint session of congress will have full reaction for you. The new york times retires the heading op. Ed from its opinion pages will discuss. Why and a streams and sales of the music of solo artists saw will pump. Whatever happened the once all powerful pop. Group monaco's editors and correspondents are here to discuss those stories today on the late edition here on monocle. Twenty four that very walmart continue to the late edition here on monocle twenty four it is thursday the twenty ninth of april thomas lewis here in toronto and with us today are regular thursday duo in the form of collateral and henry reese shirt and henry gray tabby both with us on the program. Today we are almost at the end of another week. So has the week treated you. Then you respective corners of the world color to. Let's start with you so far. It's been a good week tom. More and more people getting back to the office which is lovely seeing london back into full swing even on a bit of rain. Everything's going back to normal. It's been quite busy at madeira house. Working in a lot of different projects and exciting things as from twenty four all will be revealed in the next couple of weeks. Yes it's it's always interesting when we speak every week and we get to this moment where you asked me to reflect on my week. And that's when. I realized all the things i have done. And you scare me into thinking all the things i have to do and others only one day left so thank you for that. Glad to be of service colloton about you probably most important thing. Well i wouldn't say important exciting thing that happened to me actually are. This week was immediately after the show last week which i got. I got cut by my physical therapist. Have you ever been cupped. Do you know what cupping is. I have been kept many years ago pretty from taxi experience. Vertical a okay. Yeah i mean. I was just too expensive the listeners this is it's kind of. I think it's a former kind of chinese alternative physical therapy right where they attach cups to various parts of your body using a suction mechanism and is meant to kind of draw. The blood up and he'll something. Somehow it was an interesting experience. Leads quite unsightly marks on the skin which had to wherever my is from the rest of the week you feeling revived. Henry afoot revived. Yes glad to hear it. Henry reese sheridan colossal. Rabelo is great to have you back to us on the program today while we begin today's show in washington. Dc last night president. Joe biden gave his first prime time address. A joint session of congress speaker madam vice president.

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