A highlight from Mini-Ep 199: Parental Advisory



And that's why. I'm honoring her with a heartfelt sentimental gift. The whole family can cherish together forever and that story worth story worth is an online service that helps the women in your life share stories through thought provoking questions about their memories and personal thoughts. And hey we have a lot of memories. adjust from this last year don't we. It's a fun new way to engage with them especially since we can't be in person together yet every week story worth emails a different story. Prompt questions you might never think to ask like what is some of the best advice your mother ever gave you or if you could choose any talents to have what would they be story worth has helped tons of families learn about each other in profound ways because stories matter and they need more into us than we know until we hear them reread them and in fact store has already created a powerful experience for me. Because it's allowed me to really get to know my husband's family not just my own family because yes do. I want to know my dad's story about going to woodstock in detail. I do but i've really gotten to know my inlaws in a new way. It's brought us closer together. And after one year story worth compiles all the stories including photos into a beautiful keepsake book.

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