A highlight from Martin's Story: How To Start Your Body Transformation & Set Goals - 20 Minutes Fitness Episode #236

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And today we're continuing with our new serious about my very own body and health transformation which talk with my trusted colleague and editor in chief legal officer about various related topics from nutrition exercise to other lifestyle factors between last feren today slowly gotten back on the righteous path of being fit and healthy. Cut my body fat in half lowering it to fourteen percent and most recently i made some solid muscle gains around mile body. I'm still at it though. And i'm currently working towards stood dropping a few more pounds of fat to get you about eleven percent of body fat by some in this episode. Leon i talk about the very beginning of my journey. How did i get started. What types of health and performance markers. to set goals and measure my progress indians. What got me really going. Actually in other news we have some changes in the works for one. Twenty minutes is we'll rebrand soon when launch twenty minute fitness back in two thousand seventeen we named it as such because we were sharing knowhow in and around health nutrition and fitness through ten. Twenty minute long. Minneapolis oats now. since then. the show has transformed into a different kind of format featuring around health science and technology and often take longer to digest and cover through through now. The current brand of twenty minutes fitness. Really no longer. Great fit there for the new brand is not quite ready yet to be on fields but you can expect someone details over the coming weeks. So don't be surprised. At one day you will find twenty minutes. Witnesses sunbeam something different moreover. We're moving towards a semi monthly schedule. Meaning that instead of four you will from now on only two episodes airing every month. It's omission to deliver rate quality content to you and we believe we can only do so by narrowing our focus and upping all quality and leo. We know your time is valuable. So hopefully you can appreciate a little less but stronger content. That's all in terms of announcements today so without further ado. Let's talk about the beginning of my journey. Nothing good starting. Point for me was really back in twenty nine. Maybe one or two nights ahead of new year's eve and i was back in europe. I was having dinner with friends in berlin and one of my old friends actually less an incredible amount of weight just doing a water fast will times a year for like five. Six consecutive days would times a year. And while i'm not a fan of just you know fasting or starving yourself for fat loss. It definitely kind of inspired me that evening to stop thinking about it you know like maybe maybe i can do something in twenty twenty and on top of that you know. I had another good friend at the dinner table and he had just completed his mba. We both at you know put on some go over the past two years and l. my case you know like after i used to run long distance you know i was running several marathons a year and i think the two thousand seventeen stop doing that because it just wasn't as much fun anymore and i was getting more into the oc obstacle course running. And for that. I need to muscle and folks really mourn you know hitting the gym going for muscle gains and i give or take ended up gaining twenty or so pounds over the two years between twenty seventeen and nineteen i should he wasn't all muscle was lafayette. An let's be honest and You know like two months before before. New year's of twenty twenty also had gotten worrying and not tracking and it really dawned on me how pool my sleep actually was. You know i. I had no idea you know sleeping. My you know five to seven hours and it felt fine. And it's i think it's also like what something that matthew walker in his book. Why we sleep was saying you know like people that are chronically. Sleep deprived they often. Don't even notice it. And i for sure noticed you know how sleep-deprived at was you know i was just loading up when the caffeine and and that was kinda getting me through my day so to make a long story short we at that time we casually maids we now own new year's resolution to get in better shape twenty twenty. I didn't have a specific goal for better or worse other than that. Also wanted to do. A a small seventy mile ironman. And maybe because i knew i was busy and frankly i did now. How much assured or how much could actually end up trimming my fat. And in a way i knew i wasn't really committed enough to do you know like some strong specific goal at that time and i've i've done that in the past and it's easy to set yourself failure like that so i really start with low. Hanging fruits kicked off things with Hot chocolate run. That was the week often. New year's eve in in san francisco was fifteen k. Ron and pasted them at a miserable nine point ten miles pace and for me and all that was that was quite a bit worse than than what i used to. I used to run easily a fifteen twenty k. Something like eight miles or even seven thirty mice and and that that was just kind of a wake up call. I wasn't really know as good and running anymore. Obviously did not do a whole lot of running other than three running. And you know. I probably wouldn't really have gone anywhere with this because assad to do liberal more running and a

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