3 Reasons Why Big East is the Most Intriguing Basketball Tournament

Titus & Tate


Is my real opinion. I think the big east tournament is the most intriguing one for for this reason. There's a handful of reason number. One villanova has no point guard now. Justin moore ankle the kospi's we just found out that justin. Moore's not going to be playing in this thing Twenty seven points per game between those two now. I mean the game from villanova as we know in the new iterations of the biggies has been dominant. They win the regular season. Big east tournament right over there still time and here still good enough to win at eight. So let's not get ahead of ourselves and count them out yet but it makes it a lot more interesting because it's like. Oh what house villanova congress because your best player yes. He's not playing. Yeah what what are the what's going to happen. They're seen hall saint john's. I'm looking at this game on thursday. That is like a. I don't know if it's a plan but it's play out for sure. Whoever loses that game doesn't that's intriguing creighton. The greg mcdermott situation. I hear you say loser leaves town man. That was really the we we know the greg mcdermott's situation they got bruin there but like they're they're they're working through. Whatever that is like xavier saver that is on the bubble. They'll they might be playing crates and crates trying to get some mo jo bags and butler had that one game against villanova where they realized life and then and then we get to the bottom of the bracket with yukon you. Let's be honest. Your own has slowly turned into the favorites and again this is not a companyman move. I know we have coach. Dan hurley on the show today but uconn in the you know the majority of the country it feels like they don't know who to look to to college basketball and therefore defacto we go to uconn right here. We are back in the big east for the first year. Back in madison square garden in the big eastern star seem to be a line if you're yukon though bula there

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