Here’s Why Distribution of the Vaccine Is Taking Longer Than Expected


Is racing to get Corona virus vaccines in a week that has seen the U. S death toll rises above 520,000. This is president Biden says they'll be enough vaccines on hand for all adults by the end of May. Can it be done? CBS is Stephen Portnoy's at the White House. Well, we're going to see and this is something that you know. The president did make a lot of news when he said that these vaccines should be available two months earlier than expected. And there's sort of a thinking here in Washington with the president might be trying to doing is basically under promise and over deliver, but he's pointing to ramped up vaccine production it find sir, you've got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine that's just been authorized its coming online and the hope is that the manufacturing with all the partnerships that had been reached will be able to have That many vaccines at least distributed into the states by the end of May know the White House is very takes pains to say That doesn't mean that all Americans will be vaccinated by the end of May currently is we're speaking, Alison the It looks like we're on track for about two million doses per day to be distributed. But even at that pace, you're still looking at several more months before Most Americans are vaccinated. And, uh, you know, the challenge is to make sure that there are enough places for people to be vaccinated enough people to actually do. The injections in some states are actually calling on volunteers from across medical industries, maybe even veterinarians to perform the vaccinations. I know that retired Doctors and nurses have been asked to step in. So really, the challenge is more than just the vaccine manufacturing it Zach Chua Li setting up the physical inoculations, and it's also getting through those really prickly port portals and many cities. But let me also ask. I know that several states have been easing back of their restrictions, including Texas. It was like, okay, no more mask. What is the president had to say about that? Well, the president made a lot of news when he said that he basically called it Neanderthal thinking, And he criticized the governors of Texas and Mississippi for rather recklessly in his mind moving to lift these restrictions, and it was interesting to hear business owners in Texas and Mississippi say not so fast, Not in my place of business. No, we're going to insist that people wear masks and other response to that from the governor of Texas is to say, Well, that's fine. Maybe that's how it ought to be. But the trouble is, you know what about people who live outside of the state of Texas and Mississippi if if the move to lift the mask mandate Leads to an increase in spread in that state. The virus won't just stay spreading in that state. It'll spill over and that's the argument that the White House is making

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