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Welcome back loving heavy back to be back. You've come a long way since we have two didn't twenty eighteen. I checked the days of taxes Tell us about what you do. Now is broadcast rights and mental health advocate and also have been been over this past bunkers. Yeah yeah. I've i've been a k. On the whole of tried to keep myself busy writing a book has actually been as as actually kept me. nice busy. I was traveling. Just before the We look down over here. i was at st in. Malaysia finished the first draft. David day and it wasn't very good. Auditing out i think is a bit It became. I was just like a. Yeah great i'll. I'll just write this book wherever i am just a couple of hours doing it in the morning and then the rest of the time. I'll just absorb the area. I'm in but it became pa. The data i just looked forward to the least and an it came across on the page. So by the time i actually sent my first drop daiva and i was not very happy with just one thing out out my life for it. But then then the pandemic As traveling connor and we had to come home will be and there was nothing else to do but to to sit in welcoming and is hard as the pandemic has been for many people in unfamiliar in some ways is actually the best thing for the manuscript is attending to something a lot better than what it was Never a book before at Ended the first draw took me about a year every year to write and reading it. Back is chaos os as influenced by this did not Ways my voice in whereas just sitting at the computer every day for four months really passing out it was It was great that and the book comes out tomorrow. Alcohol older so staff will the promotion and old keeping really busy. He actually haven't told us the name of the book on. Its tell us about the whole. Sorry what's it about as cold wolf from the wild edge and is Is a memoir. Guess at the story of my Three thousand mile. Walk around. Mike nine great britain which i did and started in twenty six following periods very cool it will mental health and and and so the whole experience changed my life in many ways to me about year to do the whole thing in in that time you know. I got myself on a letter about how i needed to live. My life going forward Navigating to that dog vice again and the book is about that. It's about the physical janney. So it's about the amazing places in britain Pasta the amazing people i met. But it's also. I guess so when one person's jedi trying to understand there are mental health earns would send Coming times with the factors fading low and being depressed is something. That isn't isn't something should be ashamed. Oakland and is something that just need unpacking and and just needed to forgive myself for low things on table that Yeah it ever since the war finished. It's been it's been one thing after the next. Yeah it's been a mad mad. Five is in in total of my life. You know from being a bomb manager kind of guy a night owl and someone who so enjoyed that whole lifestyle into now. Someone who i believe is more so balancing and doesn't want to indulge in things which i so cancer relies. Where was this lifestyle was using moskalov. Thieves date fittings. I hadn't as soon as i was able to address those in. Forgive myself for them. Founded needs to get absolutely smashed old time my aunt and within the people spend money on doing things that really want to do but just kind of kept Yeah it's all about

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