Arizona's State Farm Stadium vaccination site will transition to overnight hours as temperatures rise


Vaccines. 24 hours a day. Katie Ares Peter same or joins us Live with the story. Jackie, the Heat will be on so starting April, 4th State Farm Stadium will offer coronavirus shots from five p.m. to nine a.m. on Lee Health Services director camera, Crist says the vaccines, which requires sub zero storage temperatures will be fine, but Our technology as it gets over 90 and 100 degrees will not work as well or at all, and we want to make sure that we are keeping our patients and our volunteers and staff out there say Phoenix Municipal stadiums. Pod will eventually move. Chandler Gilbert Community Colleges site is already moving to Dex Common Mesa next month. Dr Crist insists the state can still rapidly vaccinate Arizonans. As long as more doses arrived. Reporting live Peter same or Katie. Our news. Canal County just southeast

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