A highlight from 344: Let's Call It 'Motorcycle'



Insertion of add people. Download my podcasts. So if i downloaded that podcast. I actually just listening to some episodes of dragon friends. Which is this dandy podcasts. At listen to sometimes although only one. I've got extended driving or something to do which i have not for a year. I was listening to some of those episodes literally. I downloaded them. I guess i re downloaded the. When i got a new phone i don't know if they migrated but basically They've been sitting there ready to go for ages. Now so yeah. I guess. I'm old school in that way. I download my podcasts. Mostly because there are occasionally moments. Especially i would say back in the travel times when you find yourself in a place with no internet like on an airplane and you go. Oh no and so. I have a couple of pop like playlist and apple music download. And i just have my podcasts auto download to me i have unlimited data so it doesn't matter and Occasionally i suppose it will stream on my apple watch but even there overcast tries to preload step onto the apple watch instead of instead of having me stream it but again i have unlimited data so it wouldn't matter it's really just a hedge against losing. You're losing your data connection because you're on airplane or something. I am a stream person. Purely because of the streamer yeah leaker streamer. I am stream only because of the way the handle streaming so you met people know this. But we've overconfidence. You press play on an episode to stream it downloads. It so yeah in the background always streaming like as soon as you start listening to just download and the reason i mean that works. Really great for me I have some catalogues shows downloaded. And if i was going to on a plane. I would download things Always do that. 'cause super-quick i always have fast internet. Because i you know. I have good hotel t coverage i have fought into now home and the studio so i never feel like i

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