Hundreds gather for weekend rallies in Seattle area's Bellevue to stop Asian hate


Nearly 1000 people gathered last night in Bellevue to denounce Asian hate and racism and also honor the lives of the women killed in Atlanta Comas Co. Miller reports You could hear the pain in the voices of those speakers and feel the power that their words carried. This is a community that says it will no longer stay silent in the face of these attacks. Calling on federal, state and local leaders to doom or to keep them safe. And those three words stop Asian hate the premise of this rally Saturday night in Bellevue, where hundreds if not close to 1000, people showed up to stand up in solidarity with their Asian American neighbors, both young and old. We have to stand strong and loud against the goal. Arms of hatred with reported hate crimes and attacks on the rise. One national study reports that three out of 10 Asian Americans have experienced racial slurs or jokes since the pandemic started.

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