Kylie Jenner Requests Donations To Pay For Stylist's Surgery

Pardon My Take


My other who's back was kylie jenner. Once favorite card dashing was in the news. Her personal hairstylist. Had to get brain surgery needed like sixty thousand dollars and kylie jenner. A billionaire was nice enough to post on her story to go fund me for her personal hairstylist. Sixty thousand dollar surgery and she herself donated five k. Good for her. We wouldn't have ruckers at hit. We would not personally match kylie. Jenner's five thousand dollars. And i think that kylie can probably make the case that the exposure that she gave the go fund me via re tweet was probably worth. What two hundred thousand dollars. Is that kind of going right. So really her. Her hairstyles owes her Would that be a one hundred forty thousand dollars so she should expect an invoice for this. So she's just you know she's training for all the reasons

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