Atlanta-Area Spa Shootings Spur Debate Over Hate Crime Label


He went to lanta today. Was supposed to be a trip to check out the cdc but of course there was a stop to recognize the eight killings by the man robert. Aaron long eight people were killed on this splash shooter. Killing spree by long the media has run with this one putting it and lumping it with attacks on asian americans because most of the victims were asian females. Abc news has a source number one long told investigators that he blames the massage parlours providing an outlet for his addiction to sex. He told investigators. Crimes were not racially motivated. Now they're gonna look and see if there were any posts writings by this guy. Bad thoughts about asians or asian women. They're gonna look into that. This isn't over yet. But what about you know. Why don't we wait before. We run with a narrative and if there are attacks on asian americans terrible. But you see what happened here. S another great lesson on how the media works particularly if they have an agenda this was the worst of the worst killings. He shot people to death. So let's lump it in with this rising tide of attacks on asian americans because this will get more attention from people. That's how they do it even though it may not have anything to do with their race if you have sex addiction and you go to these massage spas. That's the way i was looking for yesterday. Deborah now parlors. Well some are still saying parlors. Spa use the word. Spa a better. Connotation i'm not an expert on the language but That's where he went i. I guess to satisfy his sex addictions and he just broke down and he decided to and i think he had been to these specific spa that he attacked so he was trying to quell the I mean clearly it should be on. Death row is really no question about that. But let's not try to drive this into a different agenda before we know a little bit more. So you know. Biden shows up today and kamala harris to they both went to make the stand about. Let's stop the tide of attacks against asian americans and apparently they dragged trump into it because when trump would talk news conferences. He liked to call it. The china virus that that was his way of referring to the corona virus and as we pointed out on this show many times we've often referred to viruses from their origins and i don't think there's much doubt that virus originated in the area of wuhan china so based on our history of referring to virus. What's wrong with that right. They're calling all the variants u. k. brazil variant wh but. They took that to mean that he was racist. And now they're taking a step further that this has inspired people to attack americans really i think of trump hadn't been president and we had a virus originated in china. There's gonna wackos that do that. Because yes they are racist they already harbor these deep resentments against possibly asian people and maybe the virus pushed him to another level. But why you have to drink everybody else into this. And why do you have to exaggerate it now. To the point where a guy that killed people has to be a part of this problem because the victims were asian americans and let's face a lot of the employees at these massage. Spas are asian americans. That's apparently a foothold was taken in that particular industry by people of asian descent and really not to be ignored. Somebody's it's not good. Some in some cases these women are being held there almost a sex slaves in return for getting them into the country. But you know that's overlooked too because we have a bigger narrative

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