Acer faces huge ransomware demand


Computer manufacturer. Acer is facing a fifty million dollar ransomware demand. Several news agencies are reporting. They are saying the gang known as are evil posted a notice last week on its website that it has copied documents from the company and will publish them unless the ransom is paid. If the ransom isn't paid by march twenty eighth it will double in a statement to media. Acer said it has reported what it calls recent abnormals situations to the police last week. Acer said it had net income of two hundred sixty three million dollars in twenty twenty administrators with network controllers from f. Five networks have had over a week to install the latest security patches after discovery of serious vulnerabilities. Well it's more urgent than ever to patch because threat actors are now actively trying to exploit those holes. If your firm hasn't acted it may pay a price some legal news to report. Russian man has been sentenced to ten years in prison and a man from north macedonia to five years by an american judge this for their roles in the fraud and theft green called the in fraud organization for eight years. The gang pedaled stolen and counterfeit ide- bank accounts and credit card information. At one point a claim to have ten thousand participants buying and selling goods police estimate the losses to victims was over. Five hundred million dollars of virginia. Man has been sentenced to thirty one years in prison for a sex torsion scheme. The thirty six year old coerced at least thirteen girls into sending him sexually explicit photos. He pretended to be a teenage girl on social media. When they sent him photos he posts to other social media sites on the girls protested. He demanded more photos if they wanted. The pictures deleted last august. I reported that a russian man was caught trying to bribe at tesla employees to install. Now where on the car company servers that russian has pleaded guilty in a us court to being part of a conspiracy to damage computers. According to court documents. The plan was to steal data from the electric car manufacturer and then demand money or the information would be published. He'll be sentenced in may meanwhile. Us grand jury has issued an indictment against a resident of switzerland for allegedly being part of a group that hacked into copied and published data from a number of unnamed companies. The indictment alleges the person operated a website. The publishes stolen data according to the bleeping computer. Service that site has stolen data from a number of firms including amd intel qualcomm nissan lenovo and nintendo. Are you eager to be invited to join a club. House chat group if so beware of a fake clubhouse website it tries to lure people into downloading a poisoned android. Clubhouse app says security company e set. There is no official android clubhouse app yet. There's only an apple app. The other way to know that this is a fake site is that it has a button that says get it on google

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