Yilmaz nets hat trick as Turkey beat Netherlands 4-2



Let's welcome in craig. Burley julian laurent and moreno guys. Plenty of world cup. Qualifiers to discuss. Let's start with the pick of the day from wednesday in group g turkey a four two victory over the netherlands bracket mouse with the hat trick. Telenovela scored as well david class in luke. Diong the goal scores for the dutch memphis to pie missing a penalty late. See this was a crazy game to come out more impressed with turkey or disappointed in the dutch. Oh definitely disappointed in the dodge. Listen to the tux. Four shorts and four goals. Something something crazier so clearly. The game plan was to keep tight and try and catch jonah. And so for them. It was a perfect game for the dutch yes. They scored two goals away from home. Yes they got. Apparently but all of these things were when it was too late and with a possession. The dutch with the ball particularly in the attack in the did absolutely nothing with so going forward in some respects. They a blunt. Clearly we useful goals. You got problems at the back. Alley pre pandemic. I feel like we were talking about. The dutch is a potential favorite. Dr course at least for the euro's things have certainly changed under frank gore and you just mentioned the name that changed at all frankly war he gets a hold of this national team and it's my goodness this is going to possess the ball to that they're gonna pass the ball sideways and back but when it comes to being efficient in the attack well there ineffective. This is a team that in the first half. Yeah they had all the possession in the world but did nothing with it as stephen. Just alluded to it and then defensively. Not enough for incision not enough work in one v one situations almost prize that the turkish team was actually getting after an attacking them when there were opportunities to do so. This team has all sorts of flaws. But i think the biggest flaw comes from the top frank gore. I just have to say. I have no idea how he got his hands on this national team job and to me it looks like a guy who dosing match the personnel that he has available to him on the field. This team is all over the place

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