‘A new day’: Kim Janey sworn in as Boston’s first Black, woman mayor


Mayor Kim Janey's second day on the job coming up, having been sworn in yesterday. Here's WBC's Karen Regal, Thank you and God bless the city of Boston acting there. Kim Janey was introduced by the first black congresswoman from Massachusetts and sworn in by the first black woman to serve as the state's chief justice. And she held her first mayoral news conference. What about the pandemic? She was asked. So the pandemic first and foremost, what about the police commissioner who's been on leave over domestic violence allegations? Right now? The situation is still under investigation. What about running for mayor of Right now? I'm focused. On being mayor. But I will make a decision and an announcement in the coming weeks acting there. Janie got a high heel got in a cobblestone on City Hall Plaza as she left the news conference. That's something the other mayors didn't have to worry about. Said. Boston's first woman mayor. With

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