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Serving two to five years for money fraud. According to the nevada department of corrections on tuesday sacramento county. Sheriff's deputies were called to the antelope apartment to check on the welfare of its resident but couldn't get the man inside to answer the door. Persistent checking revealed that man who was unknown to the residents family was inside. The sheriff's office said that when deputies tried to detain artery became combative wants. Detained deputies entered the apartment and found the resident dead inside his cause of death and the name have not yet been released. A montana man was found guilty this week in the twenty nineteen strangling death of a woman who gave him a ride home from the casino where she worked yellowstone county. Jurors deliberated for about two hours on monday before finding twenty four year old diego hernandez guilty of deliberate homicide in the death of fifty seven year. Old laurie bray bray was last seen giving hernandez ride home after her shift at the cedar ridge casino early on october. First two thousand nineteen braise car was later found abandoned north of laurel. Her purse cell phone and clothing were found inside the car. her wallet had been emptied of its cash. Three miles away. Her naked body was found in a ravine. Dna found under her fingernails matched a sample obtained from hernandez who had scratches on his face. Hernandez had pleaded not guilty to the charge and claimed that he and bray knew one another and had a sexual relationship hernandez and break did not have prior contact or knowledge of one another before october. First according to phone records from brace phone and actions toward hernandez seen on the surveillance footage prosecutors used video evidence and statements from hernandez to prove that bray had agreed to give him a ride home from the cedar ridge casino where she worked on the night of her death. Witness testimony showed that hernandez did not have scratches on his face. Prior to meeting breath at night the prosecution presented the jury with video evidence of bray locking up and leaving the casino minutes after midnight and driving off with hernandez in the vehicle mud was also found in the car along with a broken turn signal stock and clothing spread around the vehicle indicating there had been a fight or struggle. Bray died from manual strangulation with blunt. Force injuries noted by the medical examiner as a secondary contributing factor. The defense did not put on any testimony. Hernandez said nothing as he was handcuffed and led away a fourteen year. Old boy was charged with murder and child molestation on monday in the expectation. Death of a six year old girl in northern indiana saint joseph county prosecutors filed a petition for delinquency in juvenile court against teenager. Deputy prosecutor chris franck said the petition for delinquency ledges. Three counts against him in the death of six year. Old grace ross. Murder felony murder and child molester grace was found dead on march twelfth in new carlisle about seventy five miles east of chicago about two hours. After she was reported missing authorities have not released the name of the boy because he has not been charged as an adult. The state will consider the results of a psychological and competency evaluation before making a decision on whether to waive the case to adult court. Franck said quote in juvenile court. There are a lot of options that aren't available in adult court. We want to make sure whatever course we take is well thought out well reasoned and the best course to ensure that we are seeking justice and protecting the community those your true crime headlines up next catherine night but first a quick break here at murder minute we focus on the facts and skip the chitchat. But sometimes there's more to the story. 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