Home Furnishings on Fire (in a good way)



Actually going to start. Inside the home with the latest results from restoration hardware holdings the fourth quarter capped an absolutely fantastic year for this company profits and revenue were both higher than expected strong demand for the high end furniture and rh management expects revenue for the current quarter to grow significantly and not a surprise that shares of our. Hr up a little bit this morning up a little bit after being up plenty Going into today and things other than a little blip down for just about everything a year ago You know it's it's just been been great. Although so for the for the year of revenues were only eight percent And and basically the stock has doubled from where it was a year ago. Or a little bit. More than you're if you're telling you like charts for exactly a year ago. They all look amazing. So you have to back up to two february to get a fair comparison. There are about double the where they were in february. And it's mostly a margin growth story Rather than you know the top line top line only up eight percent but margins have just improved dramatically. And they're up The gross margins up five hundred and forty basis points and the justed margins up seven hundred fifty basis points that are just making about fifty percent more on every sale and the sales are up a little bit sales. Look like they're going to keep moving up And and i think Warren buffett very happy shareholder having bought into this About a year and a half ago and has done triple his money.

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