The Sour Power of Vinegar


Double blind trial investigating the effects of vinegar intake on reduction of body fat and overweight when men and women now they call them obese. But there were actually slimmer than your average american in japan the call anything over a bmi of twenty five obese. There is the average american adult about twenty eight point six been anyway. They took about one hundred. Fifty overweight individuals and randomly split them into one of three groups. High-dose vinegar group where they drank a beverage containing two tablespoons of apple cider. Vinegar day a low dose group where they drink a beverage containing only one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar day and a placebo control group where they had them drink and acidic beverage. They developed to taste the same as a min- drink but using a different kind of assets. There's no acidic acid no other changes in their diet or exercise. In fact they monitored their diets and gave them all. Pedometer so make sure that the only significant difference between three groups was the amount of vinegar they were getting every day and within just one month's to sister a significant drops in weight and both groups compared to placebo with higher dose. Doing better than the low dose which just got better and better month after month

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