The Black Shark 4 Smartphone Rises From The Deep


All right so this article comes to us from the android police. Apparently gaming phones are getting more and more popular. I wonder why could it be. People want more power in a smaller screen. The post who. I don't know if powerful computer the complete of video games honor or like a consul. It's it seems to me like it's smartphones. Time to rise and while zombie is keeping up the pace with black shark series. The latest iteration the black sharp for an for pro have popped up in a chinese you can pre-order one. Today with the phones set release to china on thursday. The twenty fifth and international release date has not been set yet. But what what are you looking at stat. Wise here while the black shark. Four pro uses a snapdragon eight processor. Qualcomm's biggest and bad available. It's paired to either eight gigs or twelve. Gigs of ultraviolet fast. Lpddr five ram with two hundred fifty six gigs of storage both models. But those aren't exactly hard to find these days. The more obvious give way that this is giving phone are the dedicated mechanical shoulder buttons on the side flight. The locks away to them pop up like two shoulder buttons on a black shark three they can be bound to touch areas on screen for integration with really more or less any game but if you want the mechanical shoulder buttons you now have that option. The four pro is six point. Six seven inch a. m. o. l. e. the ten eighty p screen with a maximum refresh rate of one. Hundred forty four hertz. Beating most phones it also has to zones of pressure sensitivity as a nema pressure applied. Not just touch sensitive allowing for further integration into games that can support it. It's battery as a forty five hundred m h typical for phone this size but supports fast charging at a completely bonkers. Honored twani watts with a charger included in the box. Family says it can charge ninety percent of the battery in a little more than half an hour. It looks like the video that goes along with two well in terms of cameras on the pro. They have a sixty four megapixel main shooter. Eight megapixel ultra wide five megapixel macro with a twenty megapixel centered. Front camera terms of style to flat. Black version actually looks fairly down. Nice to notice the side buttons. Led triangle logo on the back stays on lit. You'd have a hard time telling its gaming phone. Of course that goes out the window to get the so empty version of its auto translated by the way unsure of the official name. It's layered semi transparent glass shifts around as you look at it and much more flashy but not unappealing way. The phones a chunky and nine point nine meters. But that's enough to include a headphone jack in sight mounted fingerprint reader. The dual sim. Radio works with five g for absolutely intense sessions. You can't quick bond the sold separately cooling module at cedar black shark four pro a starts at four thousand. I'm trying to remember the exact It can't be the chinese currency that they have. But if you're talking about us dollars be black shark for pro is at six hundred fifteen dollars and six hundred ninety dollars respectively as the non. It's it's kind of slightly scaled down version Looks pretty interesting In terms of the i it drops one of the cameras. It keeps the shoulder buttons most of the rest of the hardware and it's slightly cheaper. Probably not a five hundred dollar range for a gaming smartphone. That's unheard of clean. We're sitting here looking at foods. The latest and greatest thousand plus in in north china pop out gaming smartphones that are packed full of hardware intact for like seven hundred between five and seven hundred eighty s manageable. It off but yeah. If you're looking for gaming phone well you might just have to wait for this to be released internationally. But if you're in china Details in terms of prices and such and selections and preorders are available in a show notes for today's episode. So looks pretty cool all right. Moving on to an article begat from techcrunch facebook's clubhouse rival looks a lot like clubhouse right now in and because facebook is a clubhouse rival reported on net like all the way back in february in new york times. Didn't a bunch of other people did but what that product look like or how it will work have been questioned that have remained unanswered however new screenshots of a facebook audio product still under development shows what appears to be a live audio broadcasts experience. It's more of an extension of facebook's existing messenger rooms rather than a standalone app experience. Facebook confirmed with techcrunch. The images are indeed examples of the companies exploratory efforts because they don't represent alive product at this time but the gamut we all know the company said also that detailing what product look like based on these images would be inaccurate ob tech crush said screw. Were pushing him anyway. But keep in mind. It is in development features. That are very different in anything and everything could still change drastically between now and then but images at least help. Face their demonstrate. How facebook is thinking about live audio. Where such a social experience. Good fit within facebook's existing and that's worth considering considering that i don't think facebook wants to make another app i think they just want everybody to be on one app and use that so we do have some pictures that go along with it. Looks like they have like button. It says choose the room type where it's like live audio broadcasts in audio only room to listeners audio where you can start a private audio room with friends. A video button reconstructive private video room with friends in an you can also add people in but it looks very much like Like clubhouse that. I'm still trying to get used to somebody interfaces of the room so it's it's kind of interesting Speak are shown to tap the room. What a represented with a larger circular profile picks room listeners appear below is also a followed by speaker section leads the audience section again much like clubhouse but obviously subject to change the way it's being developed that would allow for rooms that anyone on facebook join Rooms could be accessible from facebook itself. Meaning you would not have to switch to messenger to join the room. When not expanded to full screen room with displays title number speakers in total listeners. He can get an idea of the rooms popularity. So Yeah lebron even looking at it tested it out. Don't secret facebook. Ceo mark zuckerberg is both on audio. Of course in fact he's already appeared on clubhouse. A couple of times recently spoke about the product. Chris social audio in clubhouse room hosted last week by former techcrunch editor josh casino investor at signal fire

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