A highlight from Passing Shot meets... Marcus Willis on making memories at Wimbledon 2016, what it's really like on the Futures circuit and THAT match with Roger Federer on Centre Court


Came another edition of passing shop. Meets our second this season. I'm really excited for not just because we had technical difficulties last week. But i genuinely feel the as kind of british fans. Our guest today has given us one of the most memorable runs out of grand slam in recent times. I mean as set aside for me for british fans. I think this is a what the stakes cut of phone. Distant memory and for anyone who doesn't have a clear what we're talking about wimbledon two thousand and sixteen so almost five years ago now and it was indeed a very magical story for for british fans. And we'll be delving into that During the course of this podcast so like to extend a very warm. Welcome to our special guests for this evening's episode. Which is marcus willis mockus. Thank you so much for taking the time to join us here at the passing shot. Welcome onto the show. We're very pleased to have you here. How you doing today. i'm very well. Thank you and thanks for having me on fantastic and how. How if you been finding the latest lockdown. Have you been saying safe. You you with your family at the moment. I'm home at the moment. Trying to keep virtually of being on a few runs and stuff like that but looking forward to the course opening on monday of already people wanting to hit so yeah looking forward to get back out la great. Yeah so we're kind of opening up gradually isn't it and just yeah. I think i've been doing well trying to keep for as possible as well on a different scale. Not but i'm sure. I'm not sure about that. Well i'm not a former professional athlete. So many of our listeners will be british. A british podcast. I think that's safe to say they will be quite familiar with with yourself. And your time on the tour. Especially that wimbledon ron as we mentioned but we do have quite overseas listeners. And perhaps as a on say familiar with yourself so perhaps before we we go into a detail perhaps you could just give us a bit of info but how you go into the school. How did she start playing tennis when you when you were younger mom. She play bevan's in Level when she was younger she had trading on a wednesday. So i used to off to school going sort of watch our and then i'd have a little hit in my spare time. I started playing badminton Of that so six years old Devi trials very badminton player the age and then my coach times dodging many tennis lessons on a pick battleground at old fell in love with a sport instantly and it came to a stage well the involvement in training twice a week and then tennis training twice a week at my parents said look you can pick with a system. There's only twenty four hours a day. So that was quite. Yeah quite an easy decision. I'm chose tennis Eight nine years old and the yet gradually got better but the the style. I wasn't obviously very good. And then i live from accountancy and then ended up paying for great britain unto fourteen and mia here. I say just kind of talking about your kind of genius. Days in how that transition don't kind of in in senior tennis was quite quite seamless. It sounds like you got kind of sort of young age kind of went through the british tennis pathway. To success in kind of did that solvency missy kind of transition up into. I guess kind of level tournaments as you're getting older into a teenager kind of got played county by county event under under eleven or under twelve cool to find out that was a a really good rushing coach. There who who is watching his plan actually beat me and he said to. My parents Good coaching and then me. Nicole flees namus on victim coach. We spent seven years at bisham abbey together but that rushing cut. She was strict. But fun at the same time. So we will have very right hogs Gradually better And then by the time i'll sixteen on top of international junichi nuts. Because i wanted to trying as high as canada junior while ranking semi i got saddam hussein in the wild number one in the uk junius I did pretty well pretty well. The gradually our from county level to to national top sixteen in the country Saying then the life of britain onto fulton under sixteen top three in the country so obviously by eighteen number one. Yeah yeah. I can't tell you wouldn't sorta click go will when i got a lot better. I think training twenty twenty five hours a week so that helps those not actual defining point where backing by it was this year the Stunning being everyone out of nowhere was very economy You'll kind of success. I guess the in the chefs in china junior level reaching number fourteen in the rankings was always kind of fuel ambition to kind of take that into kind of the senior Kind of see again in terms of your like an atp wild ranking how kind of how you can get and you know what was i. I guess what was that. Jump like from junior to senior tennis. What was the was. Did it feel any different. Did you feel like you had to train even more or did you feel that your ability was kind of was going to be able to take you places. Ironically i may y i i qualify profile on seventeen from there. I thought i was still genius. I thought okay. This is the line. I did not see microphone. No again about twenty twenty three years old so it was a bit of a shock. Fa may think it was learning curve. When you're a junior you right protected. We stayed in the Fifth avenue plan the uso. Judy sponsors he got bonus contract. You don't pay a penny for anything and then you you're nineteen twenty years old and you're in the middle of romania poking your hotel Gang lost on a train so it was a big shock actually growing up rather than tennis ability such. I think there's a lot more players in the men's game than junius a lot more solid. Good place So you conradi judy. As you can get away with a with a adachi match every now and again Because know much better than someone outside the hundred as geneva in matt everyone could play well so it took me a lot longer to get the nod hopeful on and i was aiming for a lot more than i shaved. It could have been a lot worse as well as quite a good perspective. Yeah i think oh say what you say about jeannie plays. It's almost like perhaps the top genius nowadays should be more education around the realities of the second because not all of them are going to make it. And i mean. Do you think that's something that could be introduced on the tool now for genius. Absolutely i think the route which is often at a time of every offer on the i'm with my ranking was scheduled to american college on a full scholarship and i think more and more players realizing that's probably the route to go because i The worst case scenario is yet degree of it. Be applying tons of matches with a team. Environment you'll playing very good And

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