A highlight from Podcasting Like A Pro When You Don't Sound Like A Pro [S3E108]


Podcasting has always been more or less welcoming of less than radio. Perfect voices but with more pros launching. Great podcasts is there still room for normal voices in podcasting. Luckily yes hello and welcome to another podcast. Pontificators with me yvo tara. I want to listen to you though real you. When you voice your podcast. I wanted to sound like the real you and so do your listeners. The word authentic voice. I guess words is very overused but when it comes to the voice you use on your podcast. You're often to voice. Is absolutely the right terminology. Before i get too far down this road a quick caveat. I recognize that not. Everyone's authentic voice matches their authentic self. So if that's you this is a no way meant to tell you to get over yourself and just deal with what you were given no. I'm not saying offer. Those select few. Please see coach. Cs speech therapist. Whatever you need to get your authentic voice that comes out of your face matching the authentic voice. That is inside of your head. Please pursue that. I am not suggesting anything else. Just do what you can do for you but for everyone else out there. Who's just minorly annoyed at their voice. From time to time. I remind you that podcasting isn't looking for the perfect radio voice. Hell radio isn't looking for the perfect radio voice anymore if they have if they ever did. It's okay people need to sound like other. Humans have a heavy accent. Well okay. is that heavy accent. Part of your charm. Would you be different if you didn't have that. Does the accent reflect who you are and where you came from. An all of that helps bring to life. The person you are today if so then lean into that. Just go for it live with the accent that you actually have right. I promise you that anyone who can't get over. Your accent is not a listener. You really want any. How do you have quirks and mannerisms about your voice. That are also just a part of you. I'm not talking about the uh-huh in the oz and little imperfections when you are struggling for a word that could be edited out. Sometimes those can get annoying. When you're are freaking out on the microphone but just natural are other things that you do little catch phrases and say and mannerisms that are kind of weird you know. I once knew a guy who had a podcast. He had this weird way of blending. The words and and Together to become aim we when he paused for things and sometimes leaving it comes and author okay but this guy blended and the number was so strange right but then again it was. It was his way having not having nat- or trying to swap out and make him suddenly say i'm when he searching for a word or the next thing do with would be wrong. Just wouldn't work. Do you talk too fast or maybe to slow well who the hell set. The speed limit for the rate at which a voice should come into someone's ears. There's no there's one who is set that out there. There may be some norms that that's just a single statistical averages who cares by the way also listeners. They have speed control devices or their devices. They listened to your podcast on have speed control. Alison most things at one and a half speed but there are some speakers who are rapid even for me and i talk really fast so i dropped back down to one. I've even dropped down to half speed if i need to. You can do that. It's up to that listener. You talk like you now. Make sure however that this embracing of all of your natural flaws if you will be natural voice that you have make sure when doing so. You're not accepting fixable flaws in your recording environment those hardwood floors and very sound reflective surfaces that you're recording and right now that's not the kind of intensity listeners want you can improve upon that. That's not your voice. That's the noise of the room. Also placing a microphone in the middle of big room. So that all of your buddies getting shout into it is not the authenticity listeners. Want the noise from your overlooked refrigerator. Your heating and cooling system. Or maybe your air purifiers. Those noises are not the authenticity listeners. Want to be authentic but please clean up your voice tracks your near ration- tracks i highly recommend. Investing in a tool called isotope are ex. It is a plug in and is also a standalone app and learning. How to use is it hope are x. Yes there will be a link in the episode details. Your listeners will appreciate it. I will appreciate it if you get rid of all of those fixable bits so that we can really enjoy your true and authentic voice. Here's what i want you to do today. Like as soon as you're done listening to this think about the podcast you listen to who have often voices who are less than radio perfect and i want you to send that person a note of appreciation for their voice specifically tell them you appreciate the authentic nature of. They're not necessarily radio. Perfect whatever the hell that means voice. Don't send us to pro announcers people who have great voices. You admire that. What i'm talking about talking to the people who have normal voices out there and you send a link to this episode along with an axe them to also ford that along the someone else. Let's let's keep this chain going where we appreciate the voices people give to us because they are their voices and we want to love them for that. Do you love this idea. Great

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