Masters Chairman Sends Strong Message About Potential Boycott


League baseball last week, pulling the All Star Game out of Atlanta this summer. That was in response to the new Georgia voting law. They have been business is speaking out against it as well. Delta Coca Cola among them couple couple of Georgia heavyweights This week in Georgia, there's the Masters. Masters Chairman Fred Ridley is part of his annual pre tournament news conference, noting He's not necessarily in favor of the boycotts that have been talked about, I believe, and I confident that every member of this club believes that voting is an essential Fundamental right in our society. As I stated that any anything that disadvantages anyone to vote is wrong and should be addressed. I'm not going to speak to the specifics of the law, but I do know that I think there's a resolution and I think that resolution is gonna be based on people working together and talking. And having constructive dialogue because that's the way our democratic society works. And while I know you would like to for us to make a proclamation on this, I just don't think that is going to be helpful. To ultimately reboot reaching a resolution. So we would like to encourage people to talk to communicate to let the democratic process work and hopefully these fundamentals and I've stated are so important to us, and I think everyone in this room could be achieved. Ridley saying calls for

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