A highlight from Using Data Analytics To Predict Market Behaviour - Santiment April 2021


We welcome back alfredo's from sentiment so guy brought it's going great. Alex thinks much for having me on excited a dive into some of the metrics that we're seeing right now and show off some of the on chain and socials that are really kind of being very very Representations of where the markets have been heading over the past couple of weeks so looking towards neither lynn. And you've got a few weil metrics and stuff. We're going to look at today side autobiographies at such an interesting point. Hopefully i'll probably share these straightaway because it these top said steve stuff all looking forward to diving into it. I guess over rolf. Everyone's whiting for another move. However i guess you'd say is this general consensus but we have seen people being like a little bit. Cautious of that in your daughter would definitely not euphoric even though it just sitting here these sixty. Yeah we've definitely seen some contradicting social metrics right now. For example. you know one thing. I'll show is our weighted social sentiment metric which will show the amount of volume in terms of bitcoin in theory him being discussed at any given moment and multiplying that by one of our proprietary which shows Whether those comments that are existing right now are on the positive variety or negative variety And right now showing much more negatively than you would expect when we just you know. Two days ago was her three days ago where we just crossed sixty keagan and god rejected And now all of a sudden everyone thinks we're just gonna fall back to thirty or below so it's pretty crazy right now and that's really important but one of the things we teach ease like sentiment and psychology like literally being the most important thing i believe and as broad says when everyone is not negative and really doubtful at leaves room for investors to cross from one saw that boat to the other. It's not good win. Heard or everyone's on one side of the bart and they are gray. So that is the great. It's fob four for healthy. Move hough so Obviously gonna show these screen quickly that we just spoke about before c. usa at broad. But is there anything in particular. You want me to draw people in these screen gaza. You're you're looking at the twenty four hour Screener right now which is showing that. It's mostly. I read day over the last twenty four hours. We have a few coins that have shown a bit of a surge but for the most part you know other than you know. Bitcoin diamond dime sing What is another one of the Salona old the older hex they. Yup hex is doing well. Engine is one of the few yards twenties. That's having a good day after ethereal kind of got rejected from two thousand over the last couple of days here but for the most part things have been slipping down a little bit.

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