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And we're back Julian is April 8th. How are you today? Yes, I'm working on a lot of interesting content is how I am actually yeah same developing along with you and some of the coaches we're are working on a seller seminar that addresses some very specific things. These guys are having to talk about one of which is do you think it's a boom? Okay and what if I saw my house now our night overpaying where I'm going to buy and really debunking that naturally so why would that be so you're essentially creating a seminar that in age and then could use on a zoom or they could create a live event, whatever whatever that's a different thing me videos about it. They can do stuff for their social media. They can use it for lead follow up lots of different things. So one would be why isn't it a boom? And the second thing would be how do I buy and sell at the same time? Right, but when it's done, obviously they'll be available. Our coaching clients. And so the other thing I saw you were working on was like we're getting a lot of flak so hilarious. There's this organized group of people that are absolutely wanting you guys to Buffet the markets going to collapse because they're all trying to sell you something that would reinforce that would only happen there would only be relevant if the market collapsed and what was it last week the week before we were shining light on this video that was floating amongst found amongst agents, but I'm sure everyone where was essentially talking about, you know, a real estate Apocalypse in essence and then I did a little bit of research it only took maybe ten minutes I found out it was essentially a company that selling prepper Goods he can spam and all the rest of it who are trying to scare people into basically living under a bridge and waiting for the end times to come and the information these doomed these doom-and-gloom ours are just coming Fast and Furious church now and so I saw you were working on another that have content that was essentially what was like twenty reasons why we're not there is no real estate problems leading to a second ago is like because some some sellers are like well, okay, so yep. Say I cash out right now, but are not going to have to spend a lot in isn't it a boom and shouldn't wait for the market to crash and the zombie apocalypse. so how do you actually address that intelligently instead of speculative Lee off its to your point about the videos floating around all the misinformation and you know, one of the honestly maybe this is too harsh but one of the dumbest things that I see is like oh, this is just like mm. Mm. I'm pretty sure like 2008. I'm pretty sure you can say dumb dumb is definitely not a protective glass for now. Anyway, exactly but but you know, that's that's purely speculative and based on one simple fact that the market was hot then and the market is hot now. Okay, but they were the market was hot for totally different reasons, right? I kind of get a little pissed off. I'm going to redirect you slightly so we can get back on topic. I know exactly, so what we're going to be talking about today is how to choose a coach and these are for filters and I've and Julie and I both said this on the podcast a number of times, but I'll tell you why we're going to drill down on this and we're going to give you you know, New Jersey. Price direct no BS information that's going to help you quickly discern whether or not you should be essentially doing business with some of these vendors that are calling you guys and I know you're getting a record number of calls emails, you know, smoke signals anything in any everything they can do to get your attention. All these marketers are coming back into the real estate industry and trying to sell you guys. What amounts to hope you that's a nice way of saying a bunch of snakes BS. So what we're going to do is we're going to give you four filters and these are filters that you should use now want you to try to scale up these ideas primarily obviously for the sake of deciding who you're going to do business with who are your thoughts vendors you're going to choose to do business with for billing your real estate business, but also apply this to all aspects of your

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