Former NFL Player Kills Doctor and His Family in Murder-Suicide


Player apparently shot and killed a well known doctor, his wife, two grandchildren and somebody working in the home in Rock Hill, South Carolina before turning the gun on himself a horrifying scene. Philip Adams was a player with the Seahawks, the 40 Niners, the Raiders and the Jets. He opened fire at the home in Rock Hill late Wednesday afternoon. Killed in the shooting. Dr Robert Leslie, who was a well known emergency room. Advocate and author and physician. His wife, Barbara, was 69 2 of their grandchildren. Nine year old Ada Leslie and five year old Noah Leslie were all killed. Ah, fifth victim 38 year old James Lewis. It was working at the home at the time was also fatally shot. Adams died by suicide. And earlier today we took a call from a listener in rock Hill listening to us on W. R H i Bobby, who said that he just lived a short proximity to the Leslie home and what Bobby has heard is that the former NFL player had been given prescription drugs by Dr Leslie Dr Leslie said. According to this caller, and we weren't we aren't able to corroborate her. Verify this with the caller said that the what he has heard is that Dr Lesley stopped prescribing the drugs, saying that the player the former player, Philip Adams, needed to seek help. That the prescription medication could no longer be prescribed. And Philip Adams allegedly in a rage slaughtered doctors, Dr Leslie And his entire family before committing suicide. A

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