A highlight from Season 7 Starts April 22



Season of proof. This time around. You'll hear more of the unexpected history's forgotten characters and personal stories. That will change the way you think about food and drink this season. We unearth the history of the man who defied the seasons related to this. Michael nicholas. apper. Whom frankly i'd never heard of the told me that he'd invented a process for preserving food. We take a look at the early days of the internet and witness the birth of the food. Timeline i remember just like google. It was the first thing that came up. And i was like what is this. I we recount. How picky eaters family helped him confront his relationship with pakistani food. I picked up the phone pretended to down. I was like hello this chicken hunt and we ride alongside a boar hunter in japan. We saw their digging it everything up all that and so much more

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