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Where of course. Every week we get down to the most important questions like can a horror. Movie be sentenced space. Of course we're going to money can't wait to how much it was too much yesterday. I couldn't stand it in what was less people. Were explaining why a horror movie can be sentenced. And i'm like. I know that i was saying that it was a bad. Take anyway continue. Of course this is the show where we talk about the twitter discourse if you're not on twitter congrats to your living probably a healthier life than we are speaking speaking of rain lindsay on the show. I'm joined by brian. Altana the thank you becky and lucy. O'brien i'm back. Baby thank you. Thank you all for joining us and missed you for at. We're happy to have you. Thank you for taking the time this week. As you're getting back into the swing of things really appreciate it and also. I know that because of timing we were unable to but also happy. Belated birthday bryan. Oh thanks i was about to have somebody else doesn't matter anymore but moved my desk so you know we've all got stuff going. Well yeah make month for us all. Yeah let's the that it's checkoffs. Tnt great as it's known of course beyond all of our an inane. Ramblings of whatever's been going on on twitter. We have a lot in the world of playstation discuss of course some of the biggest plays releases are a little further ahead in this year. will will be talking about things like return on when they come out. But there's actually a decent amount of games coming out now like the playstation plus lineup. That has a brand new game in it as well as some other stuff that we've been playing that will get to but i did want to talk of course about some news going on and the first thing that i wanted to bring up is mlb the show. Which i think it is fair to say is not a playstation exclusive. We normally talk about too much in depth on the show. I think it's fair to say we are not the most baseball fanatics on-staff if you if you are looking for hardcore baseball fans podcast unlocked where they cannot talk about. Mlb the show in fact talked about it a lot this week but i did want to bring it up on this show because Were in an interesting case. Where this is of course as sony first party developed game that has been announced to be on xbox this year as well and then we got the further announcement that it's going to be available day one on game pass on xbox but as of right now it is not available or it won't be made available day one on playstation plus as far as we know that of course could change given our track record actually recording the show later than we do previously probably sony will announce it in between we'll be recording post but this news came out end of last week and then we learned a unsurprisingly that This is a decision by the mlb not playstation to bring emily the show twenty one to game pass an xbox of course the game is actually being published by the moby on xbox and so i think that allows for some wiggle room. Brian i know you and mccaffrey did conversation last week. And obviously there's a lot of talk about it on locks. But i did think it was worth bringing up from the playstation side of. I am not surprised playstation. Didn't make any of these decisions but it does put them in a really strange place. I think it's fair to say. Brian sorta wanted to get your take on Especially someone who uses game pass plus dipped into now even as well your read on the situation because it's a bit of frustration. Well i mean first of all. No disrespect to brian mccaffrey. But i think when baseball fans aegean wanna hear from the experts they come here to beyond. This is the this is the place really lucy. Deep history of land baseball where you grew up baseball new zealand's biggest biggest or two new zealand. mike miata. he's just world renown yup. I saw i saw him at tower records once In i believe in the nineties and He was there with like this beautiful woman in my brother was a huge fan of the mess of the time and my brother was just like he was like yo big game tomorrow. Stops as my. That's like one of only baseball stores. Yeah yes this this is. This is an interesting one. Because i think it's like the this is a this is a big franchise. I don't think it's like you know it's not like madden duty levels but this is this is a big decision and a big move and i think it's cool to see the love getting shared around a little bit here. I think what And i said this. In our combo with mccaffrey. I think that like what makes this. One's specifically interesting is that it is. You're now seeing this. Massive divide between microsoft saying we're adding a game to our service at no additional cost. I don't wanna say free. I hate when people say game. Pass our plus it's free. Yep even not free and i'm sure we set it on the show but yet yeah totally. Don't you could probably find a clip of me doing it. And i'm gonna. I'll go back in time. Beat up myself yet Versus sony going. Hey seventy dollars is the ms rpm for brand new games coming to our platform like a to the point where it's like if a if a game is fifty bucks. It's seen as a as a budget priced game whereas obviously that wasn't the case along time ago now game prices probably needed to budge. At some point. They've been the same forever on the flipside. Microsoft obviously doesn't feel that way and what other magic and sorcery. They're doing behind the scenes to sustain the cost of all this stuff like that. And some how say she developers keep them happy in hade. A sony is taking a slightly different approach in i. I think asking audiences to pay seventy dollars for games while your competitor is giving them to for free air quotes with no additional cost the I think that's when the conversation gets really tricky. And i think that this won't be make it scenario for a lot of people who were on the fence on which council to get but if this becomes a pattern to see stuff like this more and more often I do think you're going to see some head turn has turned a little bit. You know. I don't know if it'll of define the council wars. I still think he has five will outsell series x this generation. But i do think. There's something here. And i think it's it's it's it's it's a big move yen. We of course. At the beginning of the month we saw outriders launch day and date on xbox game pass but is full price on playstation. If you wanna buy fair and of course the the interesting wrinkle is that this is a sony developed game that will be available as he said no additional cost on a competitor platform which i think will only mean great things for people being able to play this like it is a brand new game for the xbox audience. It's good to get out there to them. It'll probably lead to more support for it. Like especially if they have microtransactions and whatnot in their. It probably only helps people berbie inclined to buy that stuff. And so i think like at the end of the day. More people getting to play sony. San diego studios game is good for them. Because it's going to mean more investment in that game in that pipeline but it does just bring up this very funny like sony's own game kasey seventy dollars if you are subscribed to both things on both systems on the playstation system versus xbox and lucy. Anura notice curious like. I think this is going to be an exception. I don't think we're going to be seeing more playstation games. Come into a game probably anytime soon. this is obviously the mlb of it all. But i just curious of your perspective of like for me. It feels like xbox is really really trying to forward think of streaming or stream excuse me but like subscription services will be the future. Yeah it definitely feels like this generation that and you know. I think we kind of from the jump. This generation feels very much like they playing two different bowl games. That say that's baseball. Reference classic race fall. Yeah like a playstation kind of put forward revolutionary hardware to to serve again. It's not fully realized yet we haven't released it felt that that revolution had been But you know that's the promise lies. In the playstation five and of course like a stand out stabilises potty games whereas xbox microsoft is very much value proposition and pure pure grunt under the hood. Right so the two very different tax. I don't think we really seen this before. A microsoft is always tried to push. The envelope will certainly tried to push the envelope. A lost generation with With the experts one obviously had to pivot because no one liked it. And and this time around i really think they kind of

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