'Vaccine Passports' Spark Debate and Division


Over the merits of vaccine passports is gathering steam as countries around the world debate how to kick start travel and public. Gatherings denmark became the first european country to introduce a form of vaccine certificates today while in the uk. Prime minister boris. Johnson has said that proof of vaccines will be required for major public events. The opposition labor party has opposed the idea calling them discriminatory but the parties. One time standard-bearer. Tony blair disagrees. I spoke to the former labor prime minister for monocle. Magazine's april issue a little of what he had to say on. The subject seems to be obvious that countries it for example owed up tourist industry other the tourists walk out whilst the disease status or the vaccination status of the people of about sharon with about shero restaurant. Wait i think this is inevitable. My point is if it is inevitable. Put in place a proper system now let a patchwork of different systems. Different processes validation gras topsy. Turvy because you just find a lot of complexity in a lot of confusion and you would also probably facilitate role at so you need proper validated systems. The best cities for the developed countries of the well to agree such a system between themselves or for example. We're working on a programming africa to allow a common travel costs between african countries. These things have to happen so my point is get ahead of the curb eight sensitive.

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