Judy Batalion on her new book The Light of Days

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Judy battalion is a writer comedian. And the granddaughter of holocaust survivors her new book and soon to be screenplay is called the light of days. It's about women resistance. Fighters in hitler's ghettos they were oftentimes hidden underground for long periods of time and could only come out at night and they craved. They crave food. They craved drink and they crave the light of day. The stories of the women. Judy writes about in the light of days had nearly been forgotten so much so that when she first discovered them she thought she had made a mistake. Judy was born in montreal but was living in london. When she was researching the world war two heroine and martyr khanna sanish buried deep in the stacks of the british library. She found an unusual book. It's an old book. It's you know in this blue fabric cover with gold lettering and the yellowing deck alleges a i opened the book and it is about two hundred pages of tiny script in yiddish. What even more unusual is i happen to speak yiddish. So i start flipping through this book. Looking for hana sanish. But she's only in the last ten pages and in front of her. There are one hundred eight hundred ninety pages of other women stories with pictures and snippets and bios of other female fighters and the chapter titles are like ammunition owed to weapons it. The fight in vilna and i should say the title of the book was flowing into ghettos women in the ghettos but this was a very different ghetto story than i had ever expected or anticipated

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