Google Wants Workers to Return to the Office


The first Seattle area employers to send workers home will now be among the first to bring them back. Almost Corwin hey, cast more in March of last year when the full extent of the pandemic was just beginning to be understood. Google's Seattle officers ordered their white collar workforce to work from home. Amazon, Facebook and others soon followed. Now Google is slowly turning the lights back on. They're starting to open up offices and move employees in on a volunteer basis. Jennifer you Elias is tech reporter for CNBC dot com. Google is trying to get employees to know that they really value collaboration and in person work, Google tells geek Wire. It will reopen offices and Kirkland and in Seattle South Lake Union area on April 20th with a plan of operating at less than 20% capacity. Amazon, Seattle's largest employer, told workers last week. They are expected back in the office by early fall.

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