A highlight from Episode #1997 The New Phil Hendrie Show


As well as our net casts as well as video casts as well as podcasts. And bobby duly the milwaukee lions we have kevin o'neill kenny slag. We have all of your favorite characters. From dr william brown. Dr arthur barn the now You know what would you say. That is now. The vampire hundred the reform. The vampire hunter all that stuff and more on our website. It's all there for you. It'll take you literally months without going to the bathroom or eating that we had to work that in your is it will take you months without going to the bathroom or eating to listen to our entire archive. Jeez you really wanna lock out with that. Yes i do. And i want you to do it. Why do i gotta do it. Man you gotta do it. The world famous fill and ratio website. Get a backstage pass. It'll take you months to listen to. All our archives would not go to the bathroom or eating. You know guys welcome to today's encore. Show the world famous phil hendrie show zara encore show for thursday. And it seems dr jim. Saturn coach vernon dosier are both married to women thirty years younger than them named mandy. Seem to remember this show. Well they didn't know if it was mindy or mandy. Yeah so we're gonna find out whether they work that one out. I believe they did and st boes. Zeldin beds me to help him get his sitcom the bozos made. This is a show by the way it was written by our own. Rory mcleod are curators are. He's our archivist. He's you know pain. They asked the aspects. Good guy in other words a good guy. Also help us pick some of our sanity. Cinemas rory's he's all that and more folks and that's why love him so much so let's check this one out from april seventeen. Twenty nineteen are encore. Show dr sandler coach. Dosier st bozo on the world famous. Fill show oil famous phil henry show for me l. pacific in southern california here on wednesday. Mr henry back small stuffy was doing. We had our encore show yesterday. Jim sadler dr. Jim savvy up to vernon dojo to talk about the fact that both of these men married women thirty years younger than them. And who's who and what's what we also have cbo's l. wants to produce. A sitcom pilot wants mr hilton his. Henry's say robert robert leonard along with the we have general charles gray here on the world famous. Fill every show

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