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Our guest is a very talented actress. You know from parks and recreation and girlfriends guide to divorce. She stars in good girls which airs sundays at ten pm. Here on nbc. Please welcome back to the show. Our good friend read a hello reta. I laugh every time you guys start on my pillow. I saw that. I'm so glad you appreciate this piece of fine modern pop art. We're the nf t for that. So if you want to buy. Is that right. Yeah what about the non fungible token for my fell off. Hey look for that. We're getting pretty close to namie figures cross being on the other side of this. How are you feeling about your personal readiness to reintegrate yourself into society Well i have been practicing putting my makeup on again. 'cause i one hundred percent forgot i've been living at ghoul life in this house But i am. Because i've been working at least i feel like i know how to talk to humans in person again so i got that part covered Now i got to figure out you know things to wear in public and how to do my hair and my makeup and i'll be good to go now We've we've mentioned this before me you before you were in show business. You worked as a chemist and has this been exciting watching chemistry. Been such a huge part of our life. This last year in the creation of enroll out of vaccines will be exciting. Part is when people actually believe it. You're like thank god. You're going to get the vaccine But i don't believe. I don't know yet if i'm fully invested in the system of giving out the shots because everybody's saying you know their appointment was cancelled or they ran out a vaccine and that sort of thing so i don't put my trust in that system I gotten vaccinated. And i was lucky enough to get johnson johnson. So i don't have to worry about because that was my fear i was like. I'm going to be married. If i get the first shot and then i schedule the second and because in my head i'm like don't get it. You know the our twenty twenty four hours within is not gonna work. I know better than that. was it. Exhilarating did you feel exhilerated. It and relief. When you got your johnson and johnson i did. I was a had like a not that i didn't cry. Got a little misty. Like at least that part is that like i said it was so weird. I just didn't know how to speak. And i was like thank you for helping us. That's great. I'm so glad you said that i. It was like you know because you know it's like fema came in and saved the city helping. What are you a win. You were a chemist did did the other people in the lab have any idea that the comedy was in your future or even a talent of. Yeah they knew. They knew chemistry the holdover they came they would come to my shows. It was so sad because you know the when you first start out property. You're not killing it all the time. And so they would covid said and i remember being so so nervous and i drink a six pack of What's that ice. The first ice pick came out. I even remember what it was called but it was something ice. None of not particularly good to drink six of well. They did lamp either. And i was to calm my nerves and it wasn't pretty but they were gracious than they applauded for me And i i'm pretty sure they're probably all very surprised that i was successful beyond that day Speaking of successes we spoke in. May you mentioned that you bought yourself a bike. We're feeling a little tentative about getting back on it because it had been a long time. How have you done. Have you made any progress. Two weeks ago. It was the first time that i wrote it. I mean my friend bought the. What's the pain. Call tears the whole place training. Wheels a stationary by augustus. Gotcha so here's the thing you put the back wheels in that you can write as a station. Ics gotcha time. But this was the first time that i actually took it out on them streets. But i took i put it in my car. Took it to friend's house so that they could help me safely get on. I needed a spotter. Because i had the knee replacement right in november. So i'm still not steady yet. So i had my friends spot me to get on the bike and then one road in front of me and one road honey so they could keep an eye on traffic and you know everybody the only car 'cause rule sketch and so i went last weekend as well and only one friend with me so a more heart racing but i succeeded. I really good. But i didn't what i didn't know in riding a bike is how much my arms hurt because i got a mountain bike so i kind of have on and lean forward. That's the workout. Nobody tells you about the arms. Beach grew around. Yeah you gotta get here. I i like mine. I built like one of those standing desks. So i can just be like this nothing. You can only go straight downside. Hey thank you so much for being here. Congrats on being back on. The bike congrats on the show. And we always love to have you here. Good girls airs sunday. Nights here on nbc. I'm christopher maloney. And i'm back and nbc's law and order organized crime. It turns out. people just can't get enough stabler on their lives. Catch new episodes

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