Author Bolu Babalola on Her Book 'Love in Color'


Blue congrats on the publication of your book love and color. That is now also out in america. The book is an anthology features. All these stories of self love love at first sight. And it's like very block stories and y love about it is that In the anthology you are flipping all of the stereotypes and patriarchal structures that usually come with the fairytale and romance and romance chandra and you know and obviously that was a very deliberate choice because you are you are someone who is You i think it's fair to call you a rom com khanna sore and anything that you do that with such joy but also are. You're very skeptical. Obviously of the romance trope. And so i am just really curious about your process when you when you set out to write this anthology. Thank you so. I really wanted it to be kind of an image to like vermont as a on comes in general as a joiner but i also just wanted to avoid with things to me. As somebody who's a veteran of the john route because you could take some people who don't respect the power environments and the power from But i do. But i also wanted to be spaced to critique and distort our expectations so that was very deliver of may so when i was going through the original stories like Story breaks ample a story about a woman who leads an army to save a people that original story was on love. Interest is kind of special advisor a second income and the original story was see a with a literally a damsel described as a bunch of course damsel in distress on. It was like brave soldier. Who was meant to save it from being sacrificed though so much in that story about sacrifice and love with people. And i don't believe that. But i do want to like reimagine what that can look like in a world where men and women are

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